Terms of use of PSD Extranet and PSD Web Dictionary

By accessing PSD Extranet and PSD Web Dictionary, I CONFIRM CONDITIONS for use of the application, i.e. the conditions on protection of personal and confidential data. Personal data include data from all Customers (hereinafter referred to as: Customers) and Contractors (hereinafter referred to as: Subcontractors) and data on PSD, their staff, subsidiaries, related companies and persons, their names and surnames, phone numbers, e-mails, bank data, tax numbers, etc., possible concluded contracts, accounts, sums and payment amounts, etc. (hereinafter referred to as: PSD).

I EXPLICITLY STATE to protect data of the company PSD which will be collected, managed, processed, modified, stored, submitted or used during my work for the company. In addition, I explicitly state that all data, PSD programmes and information related to the company PSD which I will access is the property of the company PSD and that I will not abuse, copy, submit and forward it to any third parties or exploit them for personal use. I also state that I am aware of the consequences of possible abuse of the above-mentioned data.


December 2011
PSD has developed a tool for the needs of its Customers which enables the use of the PSD system through the use of the PSD Extranet application (hereinafter referred to as: PSD Extranet). With the use of PSD Extranet, a Customer acquires certain benefits and advantages. One of these is an ‘individual web dictionary’.
A list of benefits and advantages of the PSD Extranet application can be obtained at the company PSD.

1.) Use of PSD Extranet

1.1. The Customer, Subcontractor and PSD staff (hereinafter referred to as: Users) agree that PSD Extranet services are available to them only as a product and a licence which are free of charge. PSD Extranet includes security framework (security system) which applies technology for securing digital data. Regardless of the fact that PSD Extranet has limited use of security technology, the User is obliged to use PSD Extranet in accordance with appropriate application rules provided below. PSD reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions for all or individual Users at any time. The User will be informed on any change of Terms and Conditions. In case of refusal to grant consent to new Terms and Conditions, the User will lose the right to further use of PSD Extranet.

1.2. The Users are obliged to confirm the conditions for the use of PSD Extranet before their first access to PSD Extranet.

2.) Security Access to PSD Extranet

2.1. The User explicitly agrees that s/he will not access his/her profile in PSD Extranet in any manner other than via the PSD website or with software installed by authorised PSD maintenance staff. Software installation at the User must be recorded in written form and approved by a responsible person at PSD. Furthermore, the User agrees that his/her access to PSD Extranet will not be modified in any form and manner, nor any modified versions of access to his/her profile for any purpose including acquiring unjustifiable access to PSD Extranet will be applied. Denial of access also applies to access for which the User has no authorisation. Violation of system and network security can result in civil or criminal liability.

3.) Security of Content

3.1. The User agrees that s/he will not violate, circumvent, apply reverse engineering, decompile, decompose or intervene in any other manner into the elements of the security framework – nor try or assist any other person in doing so. PSD may perform monitoring with the intent of verifying compliance with Terms and Conditions, which the User will be informed of according to the Rules of Use.

4.) Disclaimer

4.1. The Users are responsible for all activities performed with their user account. They must immediately inform PSD of any unauthorised use or suspicion of unauthorised access.

4.2. PSD is not liable for any loss or damage that the Users may suffer due to unauthorised use of their account and password.

4.3. The user undertakes to use PSD Extranet in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, to protect the password and to comply with rules and notifications published on PSD website.

Limitation of Liability

4.4. PSD will offer the use of PSD system (for more on PSD system, see 'PSD General Terms and Conditions') with due diligence and knowledge. PSD does not provide other promises and guarantees with regard to PSD system, and in particular, it does not guarantee that:
a. the use of PSD system will be smooth and without malfunctions. Due to technical or operational reasons, PSD may occasionally restrict access to web application temporarily and inform the User on this matter if applicable.
b. PSD system will be safe from loss, malfunction, attacks, viruses, interruptions, hacking into the computer system or other hacking into the security system which represent cases of force majeure. PSD limits itself from all responsibility in this regard. PSD creates backup copies for the purpose of data protection; however, for 100% data protection, the User is obliged to make his/her own backup copies of all important data and documents.
c. PSD is not liable for any losses or damages caused to the User by PSD, its staff or representatives except as defined in Point (e) below, if:
(i) damage or loss was not reasonably foreseeable consequence of such violation;
(ii) any increase of loss or damage is a consequence of the User's violation of any provision from these Terms and Conditions;
(iii) loss or damage is a consequence of a decision made by PSD to retain or deny the access to the user account and PSD system, or if during investigation on suspicion of violation or as a consequence of the decision made by PSD that the violation of these Terms and Conditions has occurred, PSD adopts any other measures;
(iv) loss or damage refer to the loss of income, business or profit, or any kind of loss or malfunction of data related to the use of PSD system.
d. PSD will strive to reasonably protect the Users’ data from abuse.
e. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or limits liability of PSD from fraud, serious negligence or intentional violation.

5.) Intellectual Property

5.1. The User agrees that material, documents, trademarks, PSD system, information solutions from PSD Extranet and PSD Web Dictionary will not be used in any manner other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions published on PSD website, Rules on classified information and Contracts concluded between PSD and the User (Customer) in a written form.

5.2. Regardless of the provisions, PSD reserves the right to change, withhold, deny or prevent access to PSD system at any time without prior notice. PSD is not liable for implementation of such changes.

5.3. PSD logo and other PSD trademarks, such as PSD Group, PSD Translation, PSD IT Services, PSD Language Courses, PSD Delivery and Transport, PSD drugačna prevajalska agencija, PSD a different kind of translation agency and other PSD trademarks, service trademarks, graphic images and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of PSD d.o.o. in Slovenia and/or in other countries.

6.) Miscellaneous

6.1. PSD implements its activities at its business premises in Ljubljana. The User agrees to comply with local and national legislation and regulations.

6.2. PSD reserves the right to adopt measures for which it believes that are reasonably necessary or appropriate for implementation and/or verification of compliance with provisions from these Terms and Conditions.

6.3. A notification on the update of Terms and Conditions will be published on PSD website together with the updates.

7.) Settlement of Disputes

Any disputes between Parties shall be decided by the competent court responsible for PSD headquarters or individual companies within the PSD Group. For competent courts responsible for individual PSD Units see the following link.